How A Single Reiki Session Transformed Me

My Journey From Despair to Acceptance

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Six months ago I went to a Reiki Healing session at the recommendation of a friend, and though I cannot speak to the validity of the practice I can say there has been a difference in my life since that day.

Before the healing I was on an ever increasing dose of anti-depressants, in therapy, and suffering in my own melodrama.

My own dysfunction leaked into every waking moment of my life. All of my bosses were out to get me, and that’s why I couldn’t hold a job. Society and it’s rigid ideals of traditionalism were somehow holding me back from being an artist and living my dreams.

The cycle had become so violent and efficient that the six months leading up to the Reiki healing were the most chaotic in my twenty seven years of life. Eventually my wife lost her job, I couldn’t clear the difference, and we lost our home.

Our whole lives crammed into a single room in the second bedroom of a friend’s apartment with more animals and people than should safely coexist in a single household.

How the Reiki Session Went Down.

I walked into a very small, aesthetically pleasing office on a neglected street of our small downtown.

The simple bare front room smelled of rose petals and white sage, but there was no one at the front desk. I anxiously nestled into the couch against the window as my wife and her sister drove off to the store.

Had I made a mistake? I felt deeply uncomfortable, and had this strong sensation to just leave and never come back, but I stayed.

I could here a man speaking to someone down the hall as a door opened and I fidgeted with the idea of getting up and asking for direction, but I was frozen. Socially awkward to the death.

Finally their conversation had finished and a tall man with gentle eyes and an abundant smile stood before me. There was a level of comfort in his demeanor that I didn’t understand then.

He was kind and friendly so I awkwardly smiled and followed skeptically to his office for our Reiki session. Mind you, I’ve never heard of Reiki nor experimented with the new age world outside of a few incense burners that I got on clearance at the mall.

The Introduction

The healer, we’ll call him Ray, ushered me to a massage bed with pillows and blankets placed for ergonomic relaxation. I remember being concerned that he would see the bottoms of my dirty feet.

Shame, there was always shame and fear in my demeanor.

I slid onto the table and laid back tensely, I’m sure my energy read similarly to that of a lamb that had been led to slaughter and stayed out of obligation. If you can make sense of that kind of neurosis.

Ray made casual conversation as he urged me to relax and began to walk circles around the massage table, “sensing” my energy.

I couldn’t have been more physically or emotionally closed off to the experience, but within moments I began to let my guard down. You may wonder if maybe I am highly suggestive, and to that I can’t give you a concrete answer, but the experience was something otherworldly in my eyes.

He knew things about me, specific things that you can’t simply google or guess from my online presence. I’ve checked and checked again, but he knew things I’ve never told a soul about.

The Chakras

Photo by Lavi Perchik on Unsplash

He held his hands open over each chakra and described the energy hidden in them.

The descriptions felt somewhat generic, practiced even, but nothing about his delivery actually felt disingenuous.

He spoke to me about the blockages in each of the chakra’s, and every word weaved into this story of someone who couldn’t escape the crippling weight of self hatred and dishonesty and deep wells of guilt and shame.

I won’t bring up the specifics of my reading for the sake of privacy, but those were the qualities that came to light.

By this point my attitude had to begun to shift from, “this is completely ridiculous” to “well at least this feels therapeutic so I can let my guard down a little.”

Once I let that go, even just a fraction, the reading grew in intensity.

Spirit Guides and Energy Attachments

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Ray’s spirit guide entered the conversation at multiple points to bring up different attachments and energies that they picked up on.

He mentioned this part of his process in the beginning and I chuckled just slightly, but what he brought up next made every hair stand at attention.

Five beings stood next to the table according to the healer. And one off to the side remaining quiet, unable to compete with the energetic noise.

The words made no sense to me, but when he said five beings a memory materialized in my mind’s eye. The five dark shadow figures I saw every night as a child.

Now had he mentioned only my fear for them I would not have been convinced, but he also mentioned that I felt at no given point that they were any danger to me.

They felt like they watched over me, but their appearance was simply daunting to a child. He captured that completely, and went on to mention the abrupt passing of my uncle.

I can’t and won’t make you believe heads or tails on childhood visions of apparitions, but I have to relay my personal experience as honestly as possible. And in this case, these apparitions are pertinent to the story.

What he told me next, because of the context blew me away.

Do You Believe in Magic?

Photo by Julius Drost on Unsplash

I didn’t before the Reiki healing, and I still struggle with the ideal now, but rather not think about it.

Ray inquired against his pendulum and spoke about a hex attached to my root chakra.

A hex that would lead to me to start and end projects repeatedly. Cycling interests and passions desperately but never truly committing or growing in anything.

He spoke about a yellow kitchen where this negative energy had been conjured by a “younger at the time witch.”

The words had my cells on edge, but every emotion was laced in doubt.

I didn’t believe him, but just in case I would listen. What he didn’t and could not have known is that I had partially grown up in a ranch house with a very yellow kitchen and a step mother who made it her mission to see me suffer.

My mother and I’s lives’ had become so dramatically worse since she’d come onto the scene, that it wasn’t uncommon for us to joke that she’d placed a curse on us. Even the idea that it might be true alarmed me.

Finally we began the healing.

Photo by Antonika Chanel on Unsplash

Several candle’s were lit as the room was cleansed with a billowing stick of white sage.

He set the bundle down momentarily and called upon the archangel’s for a circle of protection with a white quartz dagger. It was a little extra, but entrancing to say the least.

I agreed for a second to take it fully seriously. For the need to uphold my end of the bargain and really give this Reiki a try, I suspended my disbelief.

He continued with the healing ritual, blowing the dense sage smoke and ash over my whole body.

Then beginning from the root he placed his hands above the crystal that sat on each chakra.

As he focused on a particular stone I could feel it begin to slowly heat up. A couple times I had to peak to make sure a burning sage leaf hadn’t dropped on my skin.

Emotions of fear and worry pulsed through my body and I experienced an overwhelming dizziness that threatened to knock me unconscious.

He continued on with the ritual and I breathed through the uncomfortable sensations until he got to the heart chakra. The burning quickly morphed into a stabbing pain in my shoulder, the symptoms of the bursitis I’d experienced since cross fit hadn’t gone according to plan.

The pain brought tears to my eyes before letting out a pop and subsiding completely. The loss of pain was euphoric and I dropped into a trance state for the rest of the healing.

Finally he got to my Crown Chakra, the place where I held all my skepticism and disbelief, but also the place where I blocked myself from true connection.

He worked on this space and the stone began to feel hot as all the others before. My head spun and my body felt light. I stopped feeling my connection to the table beneath me. I stopped feeling the heat of the crystal and started to experience that moment fully and truly.

After that he performed a white magic ritual to remove the hex which I remember very little of except feeling the panic and worry fall away.

As we turned the lights on and spoke before I walked out the door I experienced the most surreal and visceral deja vu. The feeling that this moment had happened and continues to happen overwhelmed me.

I walked away with his kind smile in my mind’s eye. The world felt different. Brighter, lighter, more free. I can’t explain the emotions that I experience on that day because they were so new to me.

Six Months Later

I’ve quit smoking cigarette’s, quit vaping, started taking my health seriously, cleared of clinical depression, removed from anti-depressants, and recovered my life financially to a new point of stability.

I never did see the five figures in my sleep again, and if you ask those who know me my outlook has gone from hopeless to empowered.

My mindset is clear and filled with abundance regardless of outward circumstances.

The pain in my shoulder never returned, and most of my friends don’t know how to explain that one day I was transformed from one person into the person I am now.

It’s strange, and as much as I want to disbelieve, I can only tell you my experience. In my eyes, the only thing I can conclude is that something happened to me during that Reiki session that was so complete it changed me on a fundamental level.

Was it the chakra blocks? The Reiki? The hex?

I have no idea, and honestly Ray probably doesn’t either. All I know for sure is that I know nothing and that my life has worked out to this point exactly as it was supposed to.

If you’ve read to this point I hope you take these words into consideration. I hope you try a Reiki session and suspend just enough disbelief that you come away with wild and transformative insights all your own.

I hope you learn to accept and love all of you and all of now.



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