Time stopped. The air went silent and their eyes connected as her bullet ripped through his chest.

a middle-aged woman screamed like a mad goat as her eyes flitted between beast and prey. The brief delusion of pause disintegrated into a hundred horrified patrons with all eyes on her.

The floor reverberated the thud of sweet Parker Kline-Thomas hitting the floor. His final breath bubbled out through the ocean of blood beneath his vessel.

Meredith Walker shoved the gun barrel snug between her breasts and turned to stand in the double glass door entrance. She sucked in one final whiff of honey crusted fresh ham before —

The glass shattered as a dented red Camero shot through the entryway and flung Meredith’s body into the air like a poorly stuffed ragdoll. The ridged plastic ribbons of birthday balloon sliced into her neck like a child friendly garrote that stained the flowers below red.

Parker slid the visor off her face and winked. “We’re free.”

“You don’t think we went to far?”

He shrugged the messenger bag over his shoulder and tossed Meredith a stack of passports. “They needed to believe we’re dead, now they’ll never forget it.”



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Noah Jade

Noah Jade

Copywriter | Poet | Storyteller